Top Free Sports Broadcasting Platforms You Should Know About

The proliferation of platforms that broadcast sports for free has made it easier than ever to watch sports in the digital age. These platforms are available to all sports fans, whether they’re interested in mainstream or niche events. They offer many options for catching your favorite matches without having to pay expensive subscription fees. This is a list of free platforms that broadcast sports.


ESPN, a popular name in the world of sports broadcasting and coverage is known for providing comprehensive coverage on major sporting events around the globe. ESPN is a sports broadcaster that focuses on subscriptions. However, the website and app offer free access to selected games, highlights and analyses. The app offers a wide range of sports including NFL, NBA and MLB.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport has a reputation for providing extensive coverage, particularly in Europe and the UK. The platform offers free live streaming, highlights and detailed analysis of various sports including tennis, football, rugby and athletics. It is available via BBC Sport and has a simple interface to navigate different leagues and events.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a leader in sports broadcasting thanks to its live streaming and instant updates. Users can watch live games and then catch highlights later on the platform. It covers all major sports leagues, including NFL, NBA NHL MLB and PGA. Yahoo Sports can be accessed via the website or mobile app. This makes it easy for users on-the-go.


Twitch, originally known as a gaming platform, has now expanded to offer live streaming of sports. Twitch is used by many sports organisations and athletes to stream live events, training sessions and behind the scenes content. The users can interact with other viewers through the live chat feature, follow their favourite teams, athletes and sports organizations.



YouTube is the go-to place for live streaming, sports highlights and interviews. YouTube is a great platform for fans to access a variety of sporting content. Many broadcasters and sports leagues upload full matches and clips to their channels. is a great resource for a wide range of sports. From cricket to football, it caters to varying interests. It offers both on-demand footage and live broadcasts.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is a platform that goes beyond the traditional broadcast of sports by featuring adventure races and extreme sports from all over the world. Red Bull TV offers live streams of Red Bull Rampage and X Games as well as Red Bull Cliff Diving. This platform is aimed at viewers who are interested in extreme sports that mainstream media rarely covers.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers a carefully curated collection of sports channels, which offer live streams of different sports events. Pluto TV aggregates all sports into channels that are dedicated to each sport, so viewers can easily find games and tournaments live without a cable subscription. It is available via the website or mobile app, giving users a variety of ways to watch their favourite sports.

Facebook View

Facebook Watch is a new platform that allows users to watch live sporting events. It partners with various sports organisations in order to stream games and provide exclusive content. The users can subscribe to the pages of their favourite teams and leagues in order to get notifications regarding upcoming matches. They can also access archived matches. Facebook Watch integrates social features that allow fans to interact with one another during live broadcasts. This enhances the viewing experience.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports offers free live streaming and highlights of sports events through its app and website. This platform offers a variety of sports including NFL, NHL and Premier League Soccer. The platform allows users to watch live games, replays and get expert commentary and analysis. It is a favorite among sports fans from the United States.


DAZN is a subscription service that offers free trial periods and promotions with live streaming sports. Platform focuses on soccer, boxing, MMA and other popular sports. It offers high-quality streaming and exclusive content. DAZN offers free access to its features, allowing users the opportunity to test out DAZN before they decide on a subscription.

ESPN+ free events

As part of their promotional strategy, ESPN+ provides free live streaming for select sports events. These events can be accessed through the ESPN website or app. Users will have access to live streaming of UFC matches, college sports and tennis. ESPN+, a subscription-based service, offers free events to allow sports fans to test the content before deciding whether or not they want a subscription.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports offers free live streaming, highlights and analysis of sports events through their website and CBS Sports App. This platform includes major leagues like NFL, NCAA Basketball, PGA Tour and others. The platform allows users to watch live games, receive scores and standings updates, as well as access content on demand.


Free sports broadcasting platforms are crucial in helping to democratize access to games and live events. These platforms allow you to enjoy sports without having to pay subscription fees. These platforms use technology to stream content online, allowing sports fans around the world to stay in touch with their favourite teams and athletes.

This article highlights various free sports broadcasting platforms, each offering unique features and content to cater to different interests and preferences in sports viewing.






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